This district is intended to promote and preserve low-density single-family residential development and to serve as a transition to the agricultural (AR) districts. Regulations and property development standards are designed to protect the single-family residential character of the district and to prohibit all incompatible activities.
1.   One (1) single-family dwelling.
2.   One (1) guesthouse, with a livable square footage that does not exceed one thousand two hundred (1,200) square foot or fifty (50) percent of the total square footage under roof of the primary residence, whichever is greater, in addition to the principal residence.
3.   Home occupations.
4.   Churches or other similar places of worship.
5.   Customary accessory structures such as barns, corrals, private arenas, training tracks, coops, non- commercial greenhouses up to six hundred (600) square feet, and storage sheds for the care and keeping of non-household animals, fowl, produce, farm machinery and equipment. Accessory structures shall not be permitted prior to the issuance of a building permit for the primary residence.
6.   Farming and agriculture including, if primarily non-commercial, the keeping of cattle, horses, swine (limited to one (1) per acre), sheep, goats, fowl, but not feed lots, slaughterhouses, fertilizer yards or plants for the reduction of animal matter.
7.   Schools and public/governmental facilities.
C.   CONDITIONAL USES (Conditional Use Permit Required)
1.   Privately owned and operated parks and recreation facilities.
2.   Temporary home and land sale offices, provided they are located within the same subdivision as that land and homes which are offered for sale.
3.   Public utility buildings, structures, or appurtenances thereto for public service use. Extension of public service lines in public or private right-of-way is exempt from this requirement.
4.   Mixed use subdivisions when public water and wastewater is available and when developing under the PAD process guidelines.
5.   Bed and Breakfast operations with the limitation that no guest may stay for more than seven (7) days during any consecutive thirty (30) day period.
6.   Residential facilities for the developmentally disabled as described in A.R.S. §§ 36-581 and 36-582, which are licensed by the Department of Economic Security.
7.   Recovery residences.
8.   Assisted living homes.
Because no list of uses can be complete, the interpretation of whether a use not specified is consistent with the intent of this zoning district and may be allowed as a conditional use or, where discretion is allowed, a permitted use shall be rendered by the Zoning Administrator with appeal to the Board of Adjustment.
1.   Minimum Lot Area:                   2 acres
2.   Minimum Lot Frontage:                100 feet
3.   Minimum Front Yard Set Back:             See Section 4.28
4.   Minimum Side Yard Set Back:             10 feet
5.   Minimum Street Side Yard Set Back:       See Section 4.28
6.   Minimum Rear Yard Set Back:             20 feet
7.   Maximum Building Height:                35 feet
8.   Accessory Building Shall Be Setback 10 Feet from Side and Rear Property Lines and must Conform to the Front Yard and Street Side Yard Setback.
9.   Maximum Lot Coverage:                40%
(Ord. 06-678, passed 11-9-2006; Ord. 08-707, passed 10-23-2008; Ord. 10-729, passed 7-22-2010; Ord. 11-738, passed 1-11-2011; Ord. 14-785, passed 7-8-2014; Ord. 2020-881, passed 6-23-2020)