A.   Notice of Violation: Notice of violation of this Chapter shall be provided by a Code Compliance Officer to the property owner, person in control, or authorized agent of the property. The time periods provided for correction of the violation shall be:
1.   Permanent Signs. A ten calendar day written notice shall be provided.
2.   Temporary Signs. A two calendar day written notice shall be provided.
3.   Portable Signs.
a.   A two calendar day written notice shall be provided for Portable Signs other than those placed within the right-of-way.
b.   A written notice is not required for Portable Signs placed within the right-of-way.
B.   Authority to Remove.
1.   The Code Compliance Officer is authorized to require removal of any sign installed in violation of this Chapter. The Code Compliance Officer may remove or cause to be removed any Temporary Sign which is not removed by the owner.
2.   The Building Official is authorized to remove or require the immediate removal or repair without written notice of any unsafe sign that creates an immediate hazard to persons or property.
C.   Removal by Town. In the case of a sign code violation where the offending sign has been removed by the Code Compliance Officer, the notice provided pursuant to Section 4.21.9(A) shall state the reason for its removal.
D.   Recovery of Costs. The costs of removal or repair of a sign by the Town shall be borne by the person who installed the sign, and, if unknown, the owner or lessee of the sign and of the property on which the sign is located. If the Town incurs costs in the removal of repair of a sign, the Town may bring an action in Municipal Court or Superior Court to recover its costs.
(Ord. 06-678, passed 11-9-2006; Ord. 13-778, passed 11-12-2013; Ord. 14-784, passed 6-10-2014; Ord. 15-798, passed 6-23-2015; Ord. 17-819, passed 3-14-2017)
Editor’s Note:
   The provisions of amending Ordinance 14-784 are set to expire on January 1, 2016