A.   Any sign not specifically listed as permitted by this Chapter is prohibited, including, but not limited to the following:
1.   Off-site commercial signs, except as specifically permitted in Subsection 4.21.3.H. of this Chapter.
2.   Vehicle signs or signs mounted, attached, or painted on trailers, boats, or motor vehicles primarily or consistently parked, stored, or displayed in a manner intended to attract the attention of the public.
3.   Signs attached to any utility pole, or structure, streetlight, traffic signal, tree, fire hydrant, bridge, park bench or other location on public property.
4.   Signs that are animated, inflatable, or audible, or rotate or have intermittent or flashing illumination or emit audible sound or visible matter; except time and/or temperature units.
5.   Signs displayed in a manner or location that prevents free ingress and egress from a door, window or other exit.
(Ord. 17-819, passed 3-14-2017; Ord. 2020-882, passed 7-28-2020)