A.   The regulations, requirements, and provisions set forth in this Chapter shall apply to all signs erected, placed, or constructed within the Town.
B.   All signs shall be structurally designed, constructed, erected, and maintained in conformance with all applicable Technical Codes and regulations.
C.   Signs shall not be constructed or located in a manner that interferes with pedestrian or vehicular travel, obstructs free and clear vision of traffic, poses a hazard to either pedestrians or vehicles, or in such a manner to confuse, distract, or interfere with traffic and/or pedestrians.
D.   Signs shall be located a minimum of six feet (6') from property lines.
E.   All signs and sign structures, conforming and non-conforming, shall be maintained in good order, repair, and appearance at all times so as not to constitute a danger or hazard to the public safety or create visual blight as determined by the Zoning Administrator or his/her designee.
F.   All illuminated signs shall comply with Section 4.24 Outdoor Lighting including, but not limited to, Subsection 4.24.4 General Requirements, Subsection (P).
G.   A non-commercial sign may be located in any location that a commercial sign is permitted and shall comply with the regulations set forth in this Chapter for that location.
H.   Off-Site Signage is prohibited, except as specifically set forth in this Section. In order to be permitted to have off-site signage, the following conditions must be met:
1.   The property on which the business requesting the off-site signage is located shall be no further than 1/4 mile from SR 89.
2.   The business owner shall obtain permission pursuant to a non-revocable license, in a form provided by the Town, from an owner of commercial property fronting on SR 89, granting the off-site business the right to construct a new freestanding sign on the commercial property or to add the off- site business nameplate to an existing freestanding or monument sign. If no existing freestanding or monument sign exists, a new sign may be constructed to provide signage for the onsite businesses with additional nameplates for off-site signage opportunities; provided, that any signage on such new freestanding or monument sign shall be calculated as part of the total allowable signage for each business.
3.   The non-revocable license granted by the owner of the commercial property fronting SR 89 shall include a specific depiction of the location of the sign and a specific time limit or expiration date for the license. If the license has not been extended at the conclusion of the time period, the sign must be removed. The license shall be valid for the time period stated and shall not be terminated if the underlying property or the related business is sold during that time period.
4.   Off-site signage shall require a sign permit. The signature of the owner of the commercial property fronting on SR 89 on which the sign is proposed shall be required on the application. A copy of the signed license shall be submitted as part of the application.
5.   Off-site signage shall conform to all other aspects of permanent signage as defined in Section 4.21 of this Chapter (i.e., freestanding, monument, etc.).
6.   Off-site signage shall not be allowed on vacant property.
7.   The business requesting off-site signage shall be required to have a permanent sign on-site prior to approval of any off-site signage. The square footage of the off-site signage shall be deducted from the total allowable signage of that type on the site the business is located.
8.   No temporary or auxiliary off-site signage shall be permitted; such signage shall only be allowed on the property on which the business is located.
9.   All off-site signage shall comply with the Outdoor Lighting ordinance found in Section 4.24 of this Chapter.
10.   Signage shall meet minimum required setbacks. Signage is prohibited from being located in the public rights-of-way.
11.   The Town shall not provide advice or direction to either part in discussions or negotiations regarding the license, other than to provide the form.
(Ord. 17-819, passed 3-14-2017; Ord. 2020-883, passed 7-28-2020)