559.01 PURPOSE.
   It is declared by Council that because many of the crimes herein defined are of great danger to this community and have been and are being committed by habitual and dangerous criminals traveling from place to place throughout the United States and the State, and because there is no means whereby the police officers of the City may be apprised of the arrival into the City or the presence in the City of such criminals until after a crime has been committed by them, and because the undisclosed presence of such criminals within the City will constitute a serious menace to the peace, safety and welfare of the citizens of the City, it is the intention of Council in the exercise of the police powers of the City to preserve by this chapter the public peace, welfare and safety of its residents. It is declared that this chapter is passed for the purpose of suppressing and preventing crime.
(Ord. 44-69. Passed 5-26-69.)