General Provisions
   91.001   Definitions
   91.002   Authority and responsibility
   91.003   Applicability to animal shelter
   91.004   Employees of the Animal Services Division
   91.005   Interference with enforcement
   91.006   Relation to hunting laws
   91.007   Injuring, molesting, tormenting animals; notice required
   91.008   Keeping stray animals; notice required
   91.009   Keeping of non-domestic animals prohibited
   91.010   Interference with owned animal
Cruelty to Animals
   91.020   Purpose
   91.021   Abuse, neglect, and mistreatment of animals unlawful
   91.035   Unlawful to maintain a public nuisance
   91.036   Animals running at large prohibited
   91.037   Investigation and compliance
   91.038   Failure to abate
Rabies Control
   91.050   Rabies control
   91.051   Bites
   91.052   Post mortem diagnosis
   91.053   Failure to surrender animal for confinement or destruction
Impoundment, Redemption, and Adoption
   91.070   Impoundment generally
   91.071   Notice to owner
   91.072   Redemption by owner
   91.073   Euthanasia or adoption of unredeemed animal
   91.074   Owner surrendered animals
   91.075   Rabies vaccination required for redemption or adoption of unvaccinated dogs or cats
   91.076   Adoptions; additional requirements
   91.077   Adoption exemptions
   91.078   Injured, diseased, or unweaned animals
   91.079   Animals which cannot be seized by reasonable means
   91.080   Security for costs
Potentially Dangerous and Dangerous Animals
   91.090   Supplemental to state dangerous dog laws
   91.091   Biting or attacking animals
   91.092   Protective measures for confinement of potentially dangerous or dangerous dogs or other animals
   91.093   Appeals from the determination of potentially dangerous and dangerous dog
   91.999   Penalty