The procedures for special uses shall be the same as in the Zoning Chapter with respect to a public hearing and approval of the special use by ordinance of the corporate authorities.  However, the following requirements, peculiar to the Telecommunications Act, shall apply:
   (A)   If the applicant shows that the antenna tower and the equipment to be installed thereon meet all requirements of the FCC, the Planning Commission shall disallow and disregard evidence regarding the environmental effects (including interference) of radio frequency emissions, and the Village Board shall disregard any such evidence in making its final determination.
   (B)   All findings of the Planning Commission shall be in writing and shall be based on substantial evidence.
   (C)   Since the Telecommunications Act requires a written record, there shall be a certified shorthand reporter present at any public hearing, and a written transcript shall be prepared of any public hearing.
   (D)   The Village Board shall not take final action on a special use permit application until all fees required to be paid, including reimbursement of the cost of an engineering review, have been paid.
(Ord. 99-14, passed 3-23-99)