(A)   Any building or structure within the fire limits of the village which has been or may be damaged by fire, decay, or other cause to the extent of 50% of its value shall be torn down and removed.
   (B)   Upon written notice by the Village Administrator or any other village employee filed with the Village Clerk of the conditions described in division (A), the Clerk shall notify the President of the receipt of the notice.  The President shall then appoint three persons to determine whether or not the building or structure has been damaged to the extent of 50% of its value.  A copy of the notice filed by the village officer, together with a notice of the appointment of this board of three persons to determine the damage, shall be served upon the owner of the premises by personal service or by registered mail to the owner's last known address.  The notice may be in substantially the following form:
      “To                           , you are hereby notified that               has determined the building owned by you at             , located within the fire limits of the village has been damaged by fire, decay or otherwise to the extent of fifty percent of its value and that a board of three members has been  appointed to verify this  finding, which board  will hold its  first meeting in the  Village
      Hall on the     day of         at the hour of         o'clock, at which time it will determine whether this finding is correct.  If this finding is verified by the board, you must tear down and remove the said building.”
   (C)   If the board of three members determines that the building in question has been damaged to the extent of 50% of its value, it shall be the duty of the owner to tear down or remove the building within 20 days after the finding of the board, and it shall be unlawful to occupy or permit the building to be occupied after this finding.
(Ord. 73-9, passed 10-4-73)