(A)   After the village's consulting engineer has approved the public improvements as described in § 155.057, the village's consulting engineer shall issue a letter to the subdivider and the Village Board stating that the public improvements meet the village's standards.
   (B)   Upon receipt of the letter from the village’s consulting engineer the subdivider shall execute and deliver to the village a Bill of Sale transferring title to public utility improvements to the village in a form exemplified by Appendix A-4 to this chapter.  Upon receipt of the document the Village Board shall by resolution accept the public improvements and the Bill of Sale.
   (C)   In areas within the village’s subdivision but outside the village’s corporate limits, the village’s consulting engineer and County Engineer and Springfield Metro Sanitary District, if appropriate shall jointly determine whether the standards of this chapter have been met. If met, the village engineer shall so indicate in a letter to the subdivider and the Village Board, and the subdivider shall execute the Bill of Sale, modified as necessary to indicate transfer of title to the Springfield Metro Sanitary District of the sanitary sewers and to the appropriate governmental entity of the water system.  The County Engineer, as a  representative in a letter to the village engineer approval of the streets to Sangamon County standards which shall constitute acceptance of the streets by the appropriate Township Highway Commissioner; the Executive Director of the Springfield Metro Sanitary District shall indicate in a letter to the village engineer approval of applicable sanitary sewer facilities, but acceptance of the dedication by the Springfield Metro Sanitary District be by ordinance.  Upon receipt of satisfactory evidence that the public improvements are accepted, the dedication shall be recorded.
   (D)   Upon adoption of the Resolution of Acceptance, the village shall reduce the security as referenced in § 155.056, and the warranty period will commence.
   (E)   Where the subdivider has provided separate security for sidewalks in accordance with § 155.054(C) of this chapter, the village will later release the separate security for the sidewalks by resolution upon request of the subdivider and satisfactory inspection by the village’s consulting engineer, and in such event shall be deemed to have accepted the sidewalks.
(Ord. 94-01, passed 1-25-94; Am. Ord. 94-60, passed - -96; Am. Ord. 12-21, passed 6-12-12; Am. Ord. 16-35, passed 6-28-16)