(A)   No person shall maintain, keep, hold, or occupy any trailer or mobile home for his own use or the use of another upon any plot of ground within the corporate limits of the village unless the trailer or mobile home is situated within a mobile home park, which is duly licensed under the provisions of “An Act to provide for, license, and regulate Mobile Homes and Mobile Home Parks and to repeal an act named herein”, approved and effective September 8, 1971, 210 ILCS 115/1 et seq., as amended and as hereafter amended.
   (B)   No person shall maintain, keep, or hold any trailer or mobile home for revenue purposes within the village except in a mobile home park licensed under the provisions of the Mobile Home Act. 
   (C)   Mobile homes which are not located within mobile home parks are considered nonconforming uses and structures in accordance with Chapter 158, and specifically § 158.090et seq. and are subject to the regulations contained therein.
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