§ 154.01  DEFINITIONS.
   For the purpose of this chapter the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly  indicates or requires a different meaning.
   INDIVIDUAL UTILITIES.  The provision for each mobile home of a separate meter connection to electrical service, separately tapped water service from an approved public water supply or a separate private water supply, and a separately tapped connection to an approved public sewer system or a separate private sewage disposal system.
   MOBILE HOME or TRAILER.  A structure designed for permanent habitation and so constructed as to permit its transport on wheels, temporarily or permanently attached to its frame, from the place of its construction to the location, or subsequent locations, at which it is intended to be a permanent habitation and designed to permit the occupancy thereof as a dwelling place for one or more persons, whether or not the structure is served by individual utilities, and whether or not the structure rests on a permanent foundation with wheels, tongue, and hitch permanently removed.
   MOBILE HOME PARK.  A tract of land or two or more contiguous tracts of land upon which five or more independent mobile homes are located for permanent habitation either free of charge or for revenue purposes, and shall include any building, structure, tent, vehicle or enclosure used or intended for use as a part of the equipment of the MOBILE HOME PARK.
   PERMANENT HABITATION.  Habitation for a period of two or more consecutive months.
   REVENUE PURPOSES.  Includes but is not limited to monies or other valuable consideration paid by a tenant or lessee or paid by a contract purchaser pursuant to a contract for title or deed and sale or purchase prior to the delivery of the deed or other document conveying legal title.
   SITE.  The lot on which the mobile home is located for permanent habitation.
(Ord. 80-37, passed 12-9-80)