In lieu of filing an appeal of an adverse determination by the Building Code Administrator, a person adversely affected thereby may request within three business days of the adverse decision an informal grievance conference with a panel consisting of the Building Code Administrator, Director of Utilities and Administration, and the chairman of the committee of the Village Board with jurisdiction over planning, zoning and building. The grievance panel shall have no authority to force the Building Code Administrator to change a decision, but shall meet with the aggrieved party and the aggrieved party’s representative in an effort to resolve the differences between the Building Code Administrator and the aggrieved party in a quick and expeditious fashion. The grievance panel shall use best efforts to meet within three business days of the request by the aggrieved party. The Building Code Administrator shall, within one business day of the meeting of the grievance board, confirm or modify the decision from which the grievance has been taken. In the event the aggrieved party avails himself of the grievance procedures, the time to appeal the decision of the Building Code Administrator shall run from the date the Administrator confirms or modifies his decision following the meeting of the grievance panel.
(Ord. 94-07, passed 3-24-94; Am. Ord. 04-43, passed 7-13-04)