(A)   The following schedule of fees and charges is established with respect to acquisition of burial plots from and with respect to grave openings and closings by the village in Chatham Memorial and Chatham Community Cemetery:
      (1)   Effective upon the passage of this section, the “phase-in” schedule of fees for the purchase of a burial plot in issuance of a deed will be as follows:
         (a)   $ 25 if purchased on or before July 19, 1990.
         (b)   $ 100 if purchased on or after July 20, 1990 and on or before August 19, 1990.
         (c)   $ 200 if purchased on or after August 20, 1990 and on or before October 19, 1990.
         (d)   If purchased on or after October 20, 1990 the sum of $ 400 per burial plot (grave).
      (2)   For a grave opening or closing there shall be charged the sum of $650, including weekends and holidays.
      (3)   Opening and closing for a cremation, there shall be a charge of $125, including weekends and holidays.
      (4)   For each set of corner stones, there shall be a charge of $60.
   (B)   The Village Treasurer shall keep a cemetery account into which all money received or paid out on account of Chatham Memorial and Chatham Cemetery shall be credited or charged.  The Treasurer shall report such receipts and expenditures to the Board of Trustees.
   (C)   Upon receipt of funds for the purchase of a burial plot in the Chatham Memorial or the Chatham Community Cemetery, the Treasurer shall deposit such funds into the perpetual care fund heretofore established for the continuing maintenance and care of the two cemeteries.
   (D)   Upon receipt of funds for a grave opening and closing, the Treasurer shall deposit the proceeds received into the operating account of the General Fund. Payment of the ordinary expenses in connection with the operation of the Chatham Memorial and the Chatham Community Cemetery shall be paid from the General Fund.
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