§ 159.43  SCREENING.
   If screening is required under § 159.41(D) above, it must be natural landscaping material or a fence subject to the approval of the village and must comply with all regulations of the village. Appropriate landscaping must be located and maintained and must provide the maximum achievable screening, as determined by the village, from view of adjoining properties and public or private streets. Notwithstanding the foregoing, no such screening is required to extend more than nine feet in height. Landscape screening when permitted in the right-of-way must be provided with a clearance of three feet in all directions from the facility. The color of housing for ground-mounted equipment must blend with the surroundings. For a covered structure, the maximum reasonably achievable screening must be provided between such facility and the view from adjoining properties and public or private streets. In lieu of the operator installing the screening, the village, at its sole discretion, may accept a fee from the operator of the facility for the acquisition, installation, or maintenance of landscaping material by the village.
(Ord. 17-19, passed 5-9-17)