Any person engaged in the following contracting activity shall be required to pay an annual license fee of fifteen dollars ($15.00):
   (a)   Building and general contracting and similar construction building,
   (b)   Plumbing, heating and air conditioning,
   (c)   Heating and air conditioning,
   (d)   Electrical contracting,
   (e)   Brick, concrete or stone construction (or in all of such contracting work),
   (f)   Painting or papering or both,
   (g)   Carpentry contracting alone,
   (h)   Work of insulating,
   (i)   Plastering,
   (j)   Excavating and heavy hauling in connection therewith (or in either thereof),
   (k)   Road and street building, or surfacing of roads and streets.
(Ord. 97-003.  Passed 4-21-97.)