(a)   Definitions.
      (1)   "Junk" as used in this section, means old or scrap gold, copper, brass, rope, rags, batteries, paper, rubber, automobile parts, iron, steel and other old scrap ferrous or nonferrous metals.
      (2)   "Junk dealers" includes all persons engaged in the business of buying or selling junk as defined in subsection (a)(1) hereof.
      (3)   "Junk dealer's agents" includes all persons who buy or sell junk as defined in subsection (a)(1) hereof for or on behalf of a junk dealer, as defined in subsection (a)(2) hereof, but the term "junk dealer's agent" shall not be construed to include any person regularly employed upon a salary by a regularly licensed junk dealer engaged in such business within the State.
      (4)   "Itinerant junk collector" includes only such persons who gather junk from place to place with the aid of a cart or vehicle hand drawn or propelled, who have no fixed place of business.
      (5)   "Nonresident junk dealer" or "nonresident junk dealer's agent" includes all persons who act as junk dealers or junk dealer's agents who are nonresidents of the State and all firms so engaged whose members are nonresidents of the State and all corporations which have not been admitted to hold property and transact business in the State.
   (b)   Fees.  The annual license fee to act as a resident junk dealer shall be twenty-five dollars ($25.00); to act as a junk dealer's agent, ten dollars ($10.00); to act as a nonresident junk dealer or his agent who buys or solicits for the purchase of junk within the State, one hundred fifty dollars ($150.00); to act as an itinerant junk collector, ten dollars ($10.00).
(A.O.,  Passed 6-20-94)