It shall be unlawful for any person to loiter in a public place in such manner as to:
   (a)   Create or cause to be created a danger of breach of the peace;
   (b)   Create or cause to be created any disturbance or annoyance to the comfort and repose of any person;
   (c)   Obstruct the free passage of pedestrians or vehicles;
   (d)   Obstruct, molest or interfere with any person lawfully in any public place;
   (e)   Solicit or engage in any lewd, lascivious or illegal act, including prostitution;
   (f)   Solicit money or other valuable consideration without giving consideration in return;
   (g)   Making of unsolicited remarks, of an offensive, disgusting or insulting nature or which are calculated to annoy or disturb the person to, or in whose hearing they are made.
      (Passed 1-2-96.)