(a)    The Board of Directors shall have the power to set all policies related to the governance, oversight, and operations of the System. The Board of Directors shall also have the power to recommend to City Council tariff changes, capital projects, and borrowings. The Manager and staff will assist the Board of Directors by providing technical advice on such matters to City Council. The Manager and staff will also be responsible for implementing policies and developing procedures to carry out the directives established by the Board of Directors.
   (b)    The Manager, accountable to the Board of Directors, will have full and complete authority for the supervision, management, control and operation of the System.
   (c)    All bills for water and sewer service shall be collected and accounted for by the Manager in the manner and form required by law, the Public Service Commission of West Virginia and the ordinances of the City, and all disbursements and accounts of the System shall be ordered paid out only upon approval of said Board of Directors; provided, however, that all such supervision, management and control of the System and the collection and accounting for bills for water and sewer service shall be consistent and in accordance with any ordinances pursuant to which the City may have authorized and issued any bonds from time to time outstanding, which by their terms are payable from and secured by the revenues of the System.
   (d)    After consultation with the Board of Directors, the Manager or staff designee shall have the power and authority to prepare, evaluate, and negotiate all contracts, agreements and other matters for the final review and approval of the Board of Directors as is necessary or proper for the effective governance, oversight, and operation of the System.
   (e)    Personnel policies, practices, and other matters affecting the Manager and staff shall, to the extent practicable and unless otherwise approved by City Council, be the same as those undertaken by the City, subject to the provisions of Section 147.06.
(Ord.  2020-008.  Passed 5-18-20.)