(a)    As a critical link with City Council, the City Manager shall be the Chair of the Board of Directors.  Annually the Board of Directors shall organize by selecting one Director to act as Vice Chair. The Directors will also annually select a Secretary and Treasurer, who need not be a Director. The Secretary and Treasurer may be the same person. The Chair shall preside at all meetings when present and may call special meetings on their motion or shall when requested to do so by any two (2) Directors. The Vice Chair shall preside in the absence of the Chair.
   (b)    Three (3) Directors members shall constitute a quorum, but any action to be taken by the Directors must be approved by not less than three (3) members.
   (c)    The Secretary shall keep a certified or approved written record of the proceedings which shall be available for inspection as other municipal records.
   (d)    The Treasurer shall receive and disburse the funds of the System as directed by the Board of Directors. 
(Ord.  2020-008.  Passed 5-18-20.)