(a)    Upon the issuance of the bonds and reissuance of the combined Waterworks and Sewerage System Revenue Bonds, but only upon such issuance and reissuance, the Waterworks Board and the Sewer and Sanitation Board shall be simultaneously repealed and rescinded, the City of Charles Town Utility Board ("CTUB") shall be created and the heretofore separate Waterworks System and Sewerage System of the City of Charles Town ("City") shall be combined into a single undertaking (the "System").
   (b)    The governance and oversight of the System shall be vested in a Charles Town Utility Board of Directors ("Board of Directors").
   (c)    The supervision, management, control and operation of the System shall be vested in a CTUB Manager ("Manager") who shall be accountable to the Directors. The Manager will hire staff to operate and maintain the System.
(Ord.  2020-008.  Passed 5-18-20.)