(a)    There shall be no expenditure or payment in the name of or on behalf of the City by an employee or representative of the City, in excess of three thousand dollars ($3,000) without prior approval of a majority of Council or Utility Board as the case may be, except in the case of an emergency, the Mayor or Mayor pro-tern may approve expenditures or payment in excess of three thousand dollars ($3,000) subject to final approval of Council or Utility Board at their next regular meeting.
   (b)    The City Manager or designee shall present expenditures for payment and shall attest to their accuracy and budgetary compliance to the City Council or the Utility Board (as provided for in Article 147, Utility Board) whichever applies.
   (c)    Failure to comply with this section by any employee shall be sufficient cause for suspension without pay or termination of employment.
(Ord.  2020-006.  Passed 5-18-20.)