111.01  MEETINGS.
   (a)   Council shall meet in regular session on the second Thursday of each month, unless otherwise prescribed by Council.
(Ord. 1164.  Passed 5-5-88.)
   (b)   Upon a request by the Manager, and the President of Council, or in his absence, the Vice President of Council, or three members of Council, the Clerk of Council shall call a special or emergency meeting of Council.  Written notice to each member shall be delivered to their place of residence at least twenty-four hours prior to the meeting.  Only such matters as set forth in a notice shall be considered and acted upon.  However, the twenty-four hour period and notice as required herein may be waived by Council in open session at the emergency meeting.  The Clerk shall make all efforts to contact the media prior to the convening of any special or emergency meeting.  The Clerk shall post in a conspicuous place in the Municipal Hall a notice of each meeting of Council.
(Ord. 1033.  Passed 2-6-86.)
   (c)   Upon the filing of the Capital Improvement Program in October of each year, as provided by Section 127.01(a), Council thereon shall convene a special meeting, within thirty days of the filing of such report, to consider the report and make such additions, corrections, or plan for implementation upon such report as Council may deem in the best interest of the residents of the City.  In addition, all fees charged by the City, including water and sewer rates, shall be reviewed by Council.
(Ord. 1264.  Passed 4-12-90.)