The right shall be and remain at all times vested in the Mayor and Council, and the Mayor and Council may, as hereinafter provided, revoke or cancel any license for fraud or misrepresentation in its procurement, or for a violation of any of the provisions of this Chapter, or for any conduct or act of the licensee or his employees or any conduct or act permitted by him or them on the premises where such business is conducted, or in connection therewith or adjacent thereto, tending to render such business or such premises where the same is conducted as a public nuisance or a menace to the health, peace, safety or general welfare of the City; provided, that the revocation or suspension of the State license by the Director of Law Enforcement shall be deemed prima facie evidence for revocation or suspension of the license issued herein. (Ord. 425, 11-24-81)
Prior to any revocation or suspension, the licensee shall be afforded a hearing according to section 23-1016, Idaho Code. Whenever the Mayor and City Council denies an application, they shall specify in writing:
   A.   The statutes, ordinances and standards used in evaluating the application;
   B.   The reason for the denial; and
   C.   The actions, if any, that the applicant could take to obtain the license, transfer or renewal thereof. (Ord. 425B, 12-13-83)