A.   Qualifications: The applicant for a license shall possess all of the qualifications necessary to obtain a license from the Director of the Idaho Department of Law Enforcement, as prescribed by the laws of the State, and maintain such qualifications throughout the period for which such license is issued. The possession of licenses regularly issued by the Department of Law Enforcement and the County shall be evidence of the applicant's qualifications to receive a license hereunder. (Ord. 425, 11-24-81)
   B.   Investigation of Applicant: No license shall be granted hereunder until there has been an investigation by the City's agent of all applicants hereunder. After investigation, the applications will be forwarded to the City Council with a recommendation from the City's agent. If the City's agent recommended that an application be denied he shall state in writing: (Ord. 425B, 12-13-83; 1988 Code)
      1.   The statutes or ordinances and standards used in evaluating the application;
      2.   The reason for the denial; and
      3.   The action, if any, that the applicant could take to obtain the license, transfer or renewal thereof. (Ord. 425B, 12-13-83)