Agricultural use is permitted in any zone or district provided for in this title, subject to the following conditions and specifications:
   A.   Cows, horses, goats, pigs, sheep, mules or burros shall be allowed; provided, that at least ten thousand (10,000) square feet of open lot area, exclusive of buildings, shall be provided for each animal. For these purposes, an unweaned animal at the side of its mother shall not be considered as a separate animal.
   B.   Poultry or rabbits or similar animals shall be allowed for noncommercial purposes in conjunction with the residential use of the lot. Poultry or rabbits and similar animals shall not be raised for commercial purposes except in areas and upon conditions and application therefor for a special use permit to the city council. Application for a special use permit shall be presented to the Challis planning and zoning commission and considered and processed by the city council in accordance with Idaho Code 67-6512 and any amendments thereto or the corresponding provisions of any future statute relating to special use permits.
   C.   All animals shall be properly fed, watered, maintained and cared for.
   D.   The land on which each animal is kept shall be fenced with good and sufficient fence, adequate to secure and confine each animal.
   E.   Each animal shall be kept, secured and confined in such a manner so as to prevent unnecessary or offensive odors or noises. (Ord. 499, 4-16-2009)