As used in this Chapter, the following words and terms shall have the meanings ascribed to them in this Section:
LESSEE: Any person, firm or corporation, whether commercial, private or governmental unit, who leases airport property from the City. Only local commercial operators and out- of-area commercial operators who have paid the use fee 1 shall conduct commercial activity on the Challis Municipal Airport. (Ord. 421, 7-14-81)
LOCAL COMMERCIAL OPERATOR: Any person, firm or corporation who performs any of the commercial functions for hire or furnishes any of the services as hereinafter set out for local commercial operators at the Challis Municipal Airport. All activities, operations or services provided on the airport property for compensation shall be considered commercial and shall meet the standards set forth herein; provided, however, these standards shall not apply to operators referred to herein as "out-of-area commercial operators" which do not use the Challis Municipal Airport as the base for their operations. The classification as a local commercial operator or out-of-area commercial operator shall be made on a case-by-case basis by the City Council and an operator determined to be an out-of-area commercial operator shall be subject to a commercial use fee, as set by the City Council 2 .



1. See Section 8-1-3 of this Title.
2. See Section 8-1-3 of this Title.