Public Dances and Dance Halls
733.01   Compliance required; definitions.
733.02   Public dances; permit required; fee.
733.03   Public dance halls; license required; fee.
733.04   Denial of permit or license; appeal.
733.05   Disorderly conduct; permit and license revocation.
733.06   Police attendance at dances; costs.
733.07   Exemptions.
733.99   Penalty.
      Public school entertainments and lectures excluded from municipal regulation - see Ohio R.C. 715.48
      Power to regulate public ballrooms - see Ohio R.C. 715.61
      Human endurance contests - see Ohio R.C. 3773.14
      Giving a public dance without a permit - see Ohio R.C. 3773.19
      Intoxicating liquor in dance hall - see Ohio R.C. 4399.14