(a)   In the event the Building Inspector, his authorized representatives, who are registered architects, registered engineers or building inspectors certified by the State, determines that the public safety and welfare of the residents of the Village will be threatened by the continuance of the condition of the public nuisance, and determines that the designated public nuisance must be razed immediately to prevent injury or the possibility thereof to the life and/or property of the residents of the Village, the Building Inspector or his authorized representative shall designate such building or structure as an emergency public nuisance which shall be razed immediately by the Village or its authorized representatives at the expense of the property owner for all accrued cost. In making his determinations, the Building Inspector or his authorized representative shall apply the Ohio Building Code, and the model Building Code published by the County Commissioners' Association, and any and all rules and regulations as have been enacted by the Village.
   (b)   When an emergency public nuisance has been determined by the aforesaid officers, the abatement shall be carried out without regard for the requirements of Section 1323.05 through 1323.07.
(Ord. 83-5. Passed 4-25-83.)