Such notice shall be served either personally or by leaving a copy at the usual place of residence of the owner or by mailing a copy to such owner at his usual place of residence if such place of residence is outside Greene County, Ohio, by United States certified mail with return receipt requested. If service of the written notice is not perfected by any of the hereinbefore described methods, then the Building Inspector shall cause such notice to be published in a newspaper of general circulation in the Village once each week for two consecutive weeks and shall further cause a copy of the aforesaid notice to be left with the person, if any, in possession of the premises on which it is alleged that such public nuisance exists or if there be no person in possession thereof, he shall cause a copy of the notice to be posted on such premises. The Building Inspector shall cause a return of service in the form of an affidavit to be made by the person who served it, which affidavit shall set forth the name and address of the person served, the manner of service and the date thereof.
(Ord. 83-5. Passed 4-25-83.)