A permanently maintained area for standing, loading, and unloading services shall be provided for on the same lot with every building, structure, or part thereof erected and occupied for commercial, institutional, and/or distribution of materials or merchandise by vehicles. These off-street loading areas shall be required in order to avoid undue interference with public use of streets and alleys. All loading facilities shall be in accordance with the following specifications:
   (a)   Loading Space Dimensions: Each loading space shall have minimum dimensions not less than twelve (12) feet in width, fifty (50) feet in length, and a vertical clearance of not less than fifteen (15) feet.
   (b)   Projection Into Yards: Off-street loading spaces may occupy any part of a required rear or side yard, but shall not project into any front yard.
   (c)   Access: All required, off-street loading spaces shall have access to public street or alley in such a manner that any vehicle leaving or entering the premises shall be traveling in a forward motion. This requirement may be waived upon approval by the Board of Appeals.
   (d)   Paving: All required loading spaces, together with driveways, aisles, and other circulation areas, shall be surfaced with an asphaltic or portland cement binder pavement in order to provide a durable and dust free surface.
   (e)   Drainage: All loading spaces, together with driveways, aisles, and other circulation areas, shall be designed to prevent the drainage of surface water onto adjacent properties or walkways and damage to public streets.
   (f)   Screening: Screening shall be required as provided in Section 1117.15 .
   (g)   Lighting: Any loading area which is intended to be used during non-daylight hours shall be properly illuminated to avoid accidents. Any lights used to illuminate a loading area shall be so arranged as to reflect the light away from adjoining property.
   (h)   Distance From Residential Districts: No loading ramp, dock, door, or space, nor any portion thereof, shall be located closer than fifty (50) feet from any lot zoned for any residential use unless located completely within an enclosed building.