1117.15 SCREENING.
   No buildings or structures shall be erected, altered, or enlarged nor shall for any non- residential use on a lot that adjoins or faces any Residential District be used, nor shall any multiple family use be established adjoining any single family development, until a plan for screening has been submitted, approved by the Zoning Inspector, or the Board of Zoning Appeals in case of Conditional Uses, except in accordance with the following provisions:
   (a)   Screening shall be provided for one or more of the following purposes:
      (1)   A visual barrier to partially or completely obstruct the view of structures or activities.
      (2)   As an acoustic screen to aid in absorbing or deflecting noise.
      (3)   For the containment of debris and litter.
   (b)   Screening may be one of the following or a combination of two or more, as determined by the Zoning Inspector.
      (1)   A solid masonry wall.
      (2)   A solidly constructed decorative fence.
      (3)   Louvered fence.
      (4)   Dense evergreen plantings.
      (5)   Landscaped mounding.
   (c)   Whenever any non-residential use abuts a residential district, a visual screening wall, fence, planting and/or a landscaped mound shall be erected or placed beside such mutual boundary lines, except where the Zoning Inspector has determined that a traffic hazard will be created.
   (d)   Height of screening shall be in accordance with the following:
      (1)   Visual screening walls, fences, plantings, or mounds shall be a minimum of five and one half (5 ½) feet high in order to accomplish the desired screening effect, except in required front yards when maximum height shall be not greater than two and one half (2 ½) feet. Exception to the height of screening in the front yard may be provided for by the Board of Zoning Appeals.
      (2)   A dense evergreen planting with a minimum height of four (4) feet at planting and a mature height of at least five and one half (5 ½) feet or greater or solidly constructed decorative fence shall be permanently maintained along the mutual boundary of an accessory parking area and adjacent land zoned for residential uses except for the portion of such boundary located within a required front yard.
   (e)   Screening for purposes of absorbing or deflecting noise shall have a depth of at least fifteen (15) feet of dense planting or a solid masonry wall in combination with decorative plantings.
   (f)   Whenever required screening is adjacent to parking areas or driveways such screening shall be protected by bumper blocks, post, or curbing to avoid damage by vehicles. All screening shall be trimmed, maintained in good condition, and free of advertising or other signs.