§ 3-34  Two Readings Required for Ordinances.
   (a)   All ordinances brought before the Common Council must rest for two readings which must occur at two different meetings of the Common Council. This provision may be waived if the Common Council votes unanimously in the affirmative to suspend the rules following first reading and act upon the ordinance at the same meeting in which it is introduced.
   (b)   A unanimous vote shall be defined as all of members present voting in the affirmative. Abstentions shall be considered as voting in the negative in this instance.
   (c)   The Council President may choose to hold over an ordinance to the next regular or specially held council meeting, without sending said ordinance to a committee. If an objection to this action is made by a Council member, a majority vote of the membership of the Council is required to overrule the President’s action.
   (d)   Pursuant to I.C., 36-4-6-13, a two-thirds (2/3) majority of the Council is required to enact an ordinance on first reading. This requirement does not apply to a zoning ordinance or amendment to a zoning ordinance that is adopted under I.C., 36-7.
(`91 Code, § 3-22)  (Ord. D-362, § III G III I, 3-22-83; Ord. D-2242-15, 1-4-16)