§ 3-29  Council Committees.
   (a)   The Common Council shall sit as a committee-of-the- whole in preparing the civil budget of the City and the utilities budgets of the City, and shall be called the Budget Committee.
      (1)   The Council President Pro Tempore shall preside at all Budget Committee meetings. All final actions on said budgets shall occur at either a regular or special meeting of the Common Council.
      (2)   The Council President Pro Tempore may create sub-committees to the Budget Committee for the purpose of preparing and/or reviewing budget requests for consideration of the Budget Committee.
(Ord. D-362, § III G I E, 3-22-83)
   (b)   The standing committees (“Standing Committees”) of the Common Council shall be as follows:
      (1)   Finance, Utilities and Rules Committees; and
      (2)   Land Use and Special Studies Committee.
   (c)   The Standing Committees shall consist of at least three members each, as determined by the Council President Pro Tempore. The President Pro Tempore shall select each Standing Committee Chairperson. Council members may indicate to the Council President Pro Tempore their preference(s) for Standing Committee membership.
   (d)   It shall be the duty of the Standing Committees to consider all proposals referred to them. as well as any other matters concerning City matters that are within the scope and purpose of their Standing Committee.
   (e)   The Mayor and Clerk, or their respective designees, and all members of the Common Council, shall be entitled to attend and participate in the discussion before any Standing Committee. Only the members of a Standing Committee shall be counted in determining a quorum thereof or be entitled to vote on Committee business.
   (f)   Following the first reading of an ordinance, resolution or other matter properly before the Council, the same may, at the discretion of the President Pro Tempore, be assigned to a Standing Committee for consideration and review.
   (g)   The Standing  Committee to which a matter is referred shall make a report thereon, recommending passage, non- passage, amendment, or no recommendation at the next scheduled meeting of the Council (the “Reporting Date”).
   (h)   The Standing Committee Chairperson, or any other Standing Committee member designated by the Standing Committee Chairperson, shall make the Standing Committee’s report to the Council.
   (i)   Each Standing Committee shall meet at the call of the Standing Committee Chairperson, provided notice is given to each member of the Standing Committee and the public as required by law.
   (j)   At any regular meeting of a Standing Committee any matter which has been referred to the Standing Committee pursuant to this section but has not been reported back to the Council shall be a proper item of Committee business.
   (k)   A quorum for purposes of taking official action by a Standing Committee shall be a majority of those appointed to the Standing Committee.
   (l)   Other Council committees shall be created by majority vote by the Council.  (Ord. D-362,§ III G I F, 3-22-83)
   (m)   The Clerk’s Office will provide staff for the purpose of taking meeting notes at all Council committee meetings.
   (n)   The rules for meeting decorum set forth in City Code Section 3-40 shall also apply to Council Committee meetings.  (Ord. D-362,§ III G I F, 3-22-83)
(`91 Code, § 3-17)  (Ord. D-1452-00, § 1, 1-19-00; Ord. D- 1670-04, 1-5-04; Ord. D-2243-15, As Amended, 1-4-16; Ord. D-2279- 16, As Amended, 2-1-16; Ord. D-2505-19, 12-16-19)