§ 3-28  Council Attorney.
   (a)   Unless otherwise determined by a simple majority vote of the Common Council, the City Attorney of the City, as appointed by the Mayor of the City, shall serve as attorney to the Common Council and shall:
      (1)   Provide legal assistance in preparation of resolutions, orders and ordinances that might be requested by members of the Common Council;
      (2)   Prepare such resolutions, orders and ordinances at the request of members of the Common Council;
      (3)   Represent the Common Council in any litigation to which the Common Council members may be a party as a consequence of their collective or individual official responsibilities;
      (4)   Provide to individual Council members legal advice on any question regarding the official work of said Council members.
   (b)   The City Attorney shall perform all those other responsibilities set forth in the Indiana Code as regards his relationship to the Common Council.
(`91 Code, § 3-16)    (Ord. D-362, § III G V A and B, 3-22-83)
Statutory reference:
   Legislative body authorized to hire or contract attorneys and legal research assistants, see I.C., 36-4-6-24