§ 3-27  Clerk of the Council.
   (a)   The City Clerk shall serve as clerk to the Common Council. The Clerk shall be responsible for:
      (1)   Taking and keeping of minutes of all regular and special meetings of the Common Council;
      (2)   Maintaining all of the official records of the Common Council including all ordinances, resolutions and orders passed by the Common Council;
      (3)   Providing the Budget Committee or its subcommittees of the Common Council all information it may request with regard to the finances of the City;
      (4)   Preparing the agenda of the Common Council and causing it to be delivered to all members of the Common Council and the Mayor as well as those media who have requested such notifications, no less than six (6) calendar days prior to the date on which the Council meeting to which the agenda applies is held, except in the case of a special or emergency meeting held pursuant to City Code Section 3- 21(c) or (d), in which case the meeting agenda shall be delivered no less than forty eight (48) hours before the start of such meeting unless emergency circumstances require otherwise;
      (5)   Preparing an ordinance or resolution from those ordinances and/or resolutions which may from time to time be requested by members of the Common Council.
   (b)   The Clerk shall be empowered to delegate to employees of his or her office the aforesaid responsibilities and shall, if necessary, include a budget request to the Common Council, remuneration for such assistance from the budget of the Common Council. The Clerk shall perform all those other responsibilities set forth in the Indiana Code as regards his or her relationship to the Common Council.
(`91 Code, § 3-15)  (Ord. D-362, § III G IV A and B, 3-22-83; Ord. D-1953-09, As Amended, 12-7-09; Ord. D-2241-15, As Amended, 1-4-16; Ord. D-2505-19, 12-16-19)
Statutory reference:
   City Clerk designated as clerk of the legislative body; duties, see I.C., 36-4-6-9