§ 3-25  President and Vice President.
   (a)   The Common Council shall elect from its membership at its last regular meeting each year a President and Vice President to serve the following calendar year for a term of one year and, except that in years in which a general election is held to elect Common Council members, the election of a President and Vice President shall take place at the Common Council's first regular or special called meeting of the year for which such officer is to serve. The council member elected to serve as President may receive additional compensation as determined annually by the Common Council during the City's budget process. The President shall not be eligible to succeed himself/herself for the following year.
   (b)   The President shall:
      (1)   Conduct meetings according to the rules of the Common Council and in absence of appropriate Council rules, will adhere to Roberts Rules of Order; however, Council rules shall supersede Roberts Rules of Order if inconsistencies occur;
      (2)   Use personal discretion in the enforcement of such rules, especially with regard to Council discussions;
      (3)   Serve as chair of the Common Council, but will not relinquish his voting rights on any motion, resolution and/or ordinance being considered by the Common Council.
      (4)   Not take part in discussion or debate on any motion, resolution and/or ordinance without relinquishing the chair to another councilor of his choosing for the duration of the discussion and/or debate on same. If no councilor chosen by the President accepts the chair, the President may designate the Clerk as chair for the duration of the discussion or debate on the matter before the Council.
      (5)   The President shall serve as presiding officer of the Common Council and call and adjourn meetings of the same.
      (6)   Determine who may sit in any seats other than those set aside for the public during any Council meeting.
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Statutory reference:
   Selecting a President Pro Tempore, see I.C., 36-4-6-8(b)