8-1-1: Definitions
8-1-2: Imprudent Driving
8-1-3: Driver Under Fifteen Years
8-1-4: Zone Of Quiet
8-1-5: Police Orders
8-1-6: Traffic Officers
8-1-7: Right Of Way For Emergency Vehicles
8-1-8: Stop On Approach Of Fire Apparatus
8-1-9: Persons Under The Influence Of Intoxicating Liquor (Rep. by Ord. 128, 8-10-1983, eff. 8-17-1983)
8-1-10: Catching On Moving Vehicles
8-1-11: Sports In Streets
8-1-12: Stopping In Case Of Accident
8-1-13: Speed Regulations
8-1-14: Exceptions For Emergency Vehicles
8-1-15: Bells, Horns
8-1-16: Lights On Moving Vehicles
8-1-17: Mufflers On Vehicles; Noise
8-1-18: Draining Of Gasoline
8-1-19: Parking For Sale Or Display Prohibited
8-1-20: Brakes
8-1-21: Police To Inspect Lights And Brakes
8-1-22: Driving Close To Curb
8-1-23: Left Side To Curb
8-1-24: Parking And Stopping
8-1-25: Removal Of Cars
8-1-26: Passing To The Left
8-1-27: Signal On Changing Course
8-1-28: Turning Corners
8-1-29: Backing Vehicles
8-1-30: Traveling Side By Side
8-1-31: Passing Vehicles
8-1-32: Trains On Crossings
8-1-33: Throwing Tacks, Objects
8-1-34: Driving On Sidewalks
8-1-35: Designation Of Traffic Districts
8-1-36: Standing Near Fire Hydrants
8-1-37: Display License Number
8-1-38: Crossing Double Yellow Center Line
8-1-39: When Overtaking On The Right is Permitted
8-1-40: Following Too Closely
8-1-41: Vehicle Approaching Or Entering Intersection
8-1-42: Vehicle Turning Left
8-1-43: Vehicle Entering Stop Or Yield Entrance To Through Highway, Intersection
8-1-44: Vehicle Entering Highway From Private Way
8-1-45: Operation Of Vehicles On Approach Of Authorized Emergency Vehicles
8-1-46: Required Position And Method Of Turning At Intersection
8-1-47: Disobedience Of Directions Of Traffic Control Devices
8-1-48: U-Turns
8-1-49: Turning On Curve Or Crest Of Grade Prohibited
8-1-50: Starting Parked Vehicles
8-1-51: Turning Movements And Required Signals
8-1-52: Signals By Hand And Arm Or Signal Lamps
8-1-53: Method Of Giving Hand And Arm Signals
8-1-54: Stop Required On Signal Of Peace Officer
8-1-55: Obedience To Signal Indicating Approaching Of Railroad Train
8-1-56: All Vehicles Must Stop At Certain Railroad Grade Crossings
8-1-57: Certain Vehicles Must Stop At All Railroad Grade Crossings
8-1-58: Moving Heavy Equipment At Railroad Grade Crossings
8-1-59: Overtaking And Passing School Bus
8-1-60: Temporary Roadblocks: Establishment; Minimum Requirements
8-1-61: Stopping, Standing Or Parking Outside Of Business Or Residence Districts
8-1-62: Police Officers Authorized To Remove Vehicles
8-1-63: Preservation Of Criminal Evidence On Removal Of Vehicle From Highway
8-1-64: Stopping, Standing Or Parking Prohibited In Specified Places
8-1-65: Parallel, Angle Parking; Parking On Highways Under Jurisdiction Of Department Of Highways
8-1-66: Obedience To Angle Parking Traffic Control Devices
8-1-67: Special Parking Permits, License Plates For Physically Handicapped Persons: Uses And Limitations
8-1-68: Parked Vehicles At Nighttime: Reflectors; Lights
8-1-69: Parking In Alleys
8-1-70: All Night Parking Prohibited
8-1-71: Parking For Certain Purposes Prohibited
8-1-72: Parking Adjacent To Schools
8-1-73: Stopping, Standing, Or Parking Near Hazardous Or Congested Places
8-1-74: Standing In Restricted Parking Zone
8-1-75: Restricted Use Of Bus And Taxicab Stands
8-1-76: Regulation Of Stopping, Standing, Or Parking By Local Authority
8-1-77: Unattended Motor Vehicle; Stopping Key
8-1-78: Unattended Motor Vehicle; Standing On Grade
8-1-79: Limitations On Backing
8-1-80: Driving Upon Sidewalk
8-1-81: Obstruction To Driver's View Or Driving Mechanism
8-1-82: Following Fire Apparatus Prohibited
8-1-83: Crossing Fire Hose
8-1-84: Putting Glass, Injurious Substance On Highway Prohibited
8-1-85: Driving Through Funeral Or Other Procession
8-1-86: Drivers In A Procession
8-1-87: Unlawful Riding
8-1-88: Removal Of Barriers, Signs Prohibited; Driving On Highway Closed To Traffic Unlawful
8-1-89: Driving Through Safety Zone Prohibited
8-1-90: Effect Of Regulations
8-1-91: Traffic Laws Apply To Persons Riding Bicycles
8-1-92: Riding On Bicycles
8-1-93: Clinging To Vehicles
8-1-94: Riding On Roadways And Bicycle Paths
8-1-95: Carrying Articles
8-1-96: Lamps And Other Equipment On Bicycles
8-1-97: When Lighted Lamps Are Required
8-1-98: Visibility Distance And Mounted Height Of Lamps
8-1-99: Tail Lamps
8-1-100: Reflectors
8-1-101: Stop Lamps
8-1-102: Turn Signals
8-1-103: Color Of Clearance Lamps, Identification Lamps, Side Marker Lamps, Backup Lamps And Reflectors
8-1-104: Mounting Of Reflectors, Clearance Lamps And Side Marker Lamps
8-1-105: Visibility Requirements For Reflectors, Clearance Lamps, Identification Lamps And Marker Lamps
8-1-106: Lamps On Other Vehicles And Equipment
8-1-107: Spot Lamps And Auxiliary Lamps
8-1-108: Brake Equipment Required
8-1-109: Maintenance Of Brakes
8-1-110: Horns And Warning Devices
8-1-111: Windshields, Windows Must Be Unobstructed
8-1-112: Windshield Wipers
8-1-113: Registered Owners
8-1-114: Penalty
8-1-115: Mandatory Motor Vehicle Insurance