(a)    Every owner, tenant, housekeeper or other person or persons, occupying any dwelling, apartment house, other building or a portion thereof in the Municipality, and producing garbage for collection shall provide and renew when necessary, a sufficient number of garbage cans to hold the garbage accumulating therein. All garbage cans shall be of metal with tight-fitting covers, strong handles on the outside and shall be watertight. Each can shall have a capacity of not less than five gallons nor more than twenty gallons. All garbage cans shall be maintained by the user in good and sanitary condition.
   (b)    All rubbish for collection shall be placed in a practical receptacle that can be readily handled for emptying, located near the garbage can.
   (c)    No person shall deposit in a garbage can, trash, tin cans, glass or any rubbish or refuse other than garbage. Garbage shall be wrapped in paper when deposited in the garbage can for collection if requested by the collector.
   (d)    The can or cans shall be set in plain view at the rear of the house in an accessible location at the ground level or on an open platform or open porch not more than four feet above ground level and placed that they may be reached from the ground by the collector. If underground cans are used, then the location shall be clearly indicated. If the lot is accessible by a through alley, the garbage can may be set at the rear of the lot or house adjacent to the alley.
(Ord. 421. Passed 6-18-51.)