(a)   “Garbage and offal” means all refuse and waste of animals, fish, fowl, fruit or vegetable matter, liquid or otherwise, which accumulated in the use and preparation of food for the table, that has been discarded and abandoned and is no longer of value to the owner for ordinary purposes of domestic consumption. The term also includes all refuse matter arising from the dealing in or storing of such substances.
   (b)   “Refuse matter” means only such matter as was either in fact noxious or has been refused and abandoned by its owner as worthless.
   (c)   “Rubbish” means dirt, chips, shavings, bottles, broken glass, crocker, tin, cast or wooden ware, shoes, cans, boxes, rags, dead weeds, paper, circulars, handbills, boots, ashes or any other litter or trash whatsoever. It does not include branches of trees or leaves.
(Ord. 421. Passed 6-18-51.)