The following provisions shall apply to composition, size and placement of markers, monuments and mausoleums within Municipal cemeteries:
   A.   Restricted Blocks: All blocks other than those specifically named in subsection B of this section, shall be restricted to having only one upright monument per four (4) graves and no more than one ground level marker per grave space.
   B.   Unrestricted Blocks: Blocks hereinafter specifically named are unrestricted, in as much as, there may be one upright or ground level monument and one ground level marker per grave space:
      1.   Blocks 1 through 33, inclusive.
      2.   Blocks 37 through 39, inclusive.
      3.   Blocks 54 and 64.
      4.   Blocks 80 through 83, inclusive.
      5.   Blocks 310 and 320, inclusive.
   C.   Ground Level Restrictions: Blocks 207 through 212, inclusive, as of April 18, 1980, shall be restricted to flush (ground level) markers and monuments. All natural burial blocks shall be restricted to one flush (ground level) marker per space that is no larger than 24" by 12"; refer to section 6-3-7 of this title for additional information.
   D.   Upright Restrictions: Upright monuments shall be no larger than sixty inches by fourteen inches (60" x 14") at the baseline with a six inch (6") border flush with the ground, and seventy two inches (72") in height. The placement thereof shall be centered upon the common corner of the four (4) (2 opposing) grave spaces.
   E.   Prerequisite To Setting Markers And Monuments: No permanent monument or marker shall be set on a lot until total payment for that lot has been received by the City and approval of the monument size, placement, and retailer has been granted by the sexton; except when said marker or monument is furnished by the United States government recognizing the interred for military service.
   F.   Exclusive Use: Mausoleums will be permitted only on lots sold for that purpose and no other stonework will be permitted on a lot on which a mausoleum has been erected. A minimum of one (1) 8-grave lot must be provided for a mausoleum.
   G.   Authority Of Sexton: These regulations notwithstanding, the sexton shall have the final authority to direct the location and placement of markers, monuments and mausoleums.
   H.   Composition: All markers, monuments and mausoleums shall be constructed of granite, marble, or sandstone. No manmade conglomerates or clay mixtures with or without cementing materials are permitted. Deviations from this restriction shall receive the approval of the cemetery sexton prior to any installation. (Ord. 2018-35)