A.   No planting or landscaping shall be allowed except by the City throughout all Municipal cemeteries.
   B.   No coping, curbs, private corner posts, or any other structures of any kind whatsoever shall be permitted within Municipal cemeteries except when placed by the City or when otherwise permitted under the provisions of this chapter.
   C.   There shall be no jars, glass, or metal receptacles, or other containers used on the premises for the holding of floral bouquets. All such form of decorations shall be in approved containers. Approved containers are described as: vases attached to the monument, hanging baskets, and monument saddles. A maximum of one shepherd's hook shall be allowed on each space, at a location to be approved by the sexton.
   D.   The City shall not be responsible for any kind of planting damaged by the elements, vandals, thieves or by other causes beyond its control. The sexton shall have the authority to remove all floral designs, flowers, weeds, trees, as in the judgment of the sexton, they become unsightly, dangerous, detrimental, or diseased, or when they do not conform to the rules and regulations of the cemetery.
   E.   The cemetery shall not be liable for floral pieces, baskets, or frames placed on or near gravesites that are damaged or stolen.
   F.   Natural burial blocks have additional restrictions; please refer to section 6-3-7 of this title. (Ord. 2018-35)