05-01-11: APPLICATION:
   (1)   Written Application: Prior to the issuance of a license as required in section 05-01-09: of this article, the applicant shall file with the County Clerk an application in writing, which application shall be on the official application form approved by the Board of County Commissioners, signed by the applicant, and containing such required information and statements relative to the applicant and the premises or property, if applicable, where either liquor, beer, and/or wine is sold.
   (2)   State License Required: Applications shall be accompanied by the corresponding license issued by the Director of the Department of Law Enforcement of the State for the premises and for the time which the application is made, which license shall be returned to the applicant after examination by the County Clerk.
   (3)   Required Information: All applications for a license shall require the applicant to set forth the following information:
      A.    Description And Location Of Premises: A detailed description of the premises for which a license is sought and its location.
      B.    Sworn Statement: A sworn statement by the applicant that they have affirmatively obtained and maintained all necessary permits concerning the business, building and property. Furthermore, that the applicant has verified that the building and property complies with all laws, codes and ordinances concerning building, public health, safety, and planning and zoning.
      C.    Financial Interest List: The names and addresses of all persons who will have any financial interest in any business to be carried on, in or upon the licensed premises, whether such interest results from open loans, mortgages, conditional sales contracts, silent partnerships, trusts, or any other basis other than upon trade account incurred in the ordinary course of business and the amounts and nature of such interests including the shareholders with names and addresses provided.
      D.    Lease: If the premises to be licensed are not owned by the applicant, then it shall be incumbent upon the applicant to furnish a certified copy of the lease by which applicant will occupy and possess the premises and that the lessor has consented to the sale of beer, wine or liquor on the premises.
      E.    Corporation/Partnership Information: The name and address of the applicant shall include, if the applicant is a partnership, whether a general or limited partnership and if the applicant is a corporation, the officers, directors and principal stockholders of the corporation.
      F.    False Statement: If the applicant knowingly makes any false statement in any part of an application, or any subsequent report, the applicant(s) shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor. (Ord. 95-007, 11-13-1995, eff. 1-1-1996)