It shall be unlawful for any person without first having obtained a license from the Board of County Commissioners under the provisions of this Article to:
   (1)   Serve and sell liquor at retail by the drink for consumption on the licensed premises.
   (2)   Serve and sell liquor at retail by the drink at a party or convention which is off the site of the licenses premises.
   (3)   Sell bottled and/or canned beer, none of which is consumed on the premises where sold.
   (4)   Sell bottled and/or canned beer for consumption on the premises.
   (5)   Sell draught beer and bottled or canned beer, or draught beer only.
   (6)   Sell wine at retail for consumption off the premises.
   (7)   Sell wine by the individual glass or opened bottle at retail for consumption on the premises only.
   (8)   Otherwise distribute, possess for resale, or sell liquor, wine and/or beer. (Ord. 95-007, 11-13-1995, eff. 1-1-1996)