Section 2-6  Town manager.
The Board of Aldermen of the Town of Canton, North Carolina, shall appoint an officer whose title shall be Town manager and who shall be the chief executive officer and the head of the administrative branch of the Town government. The Town manager shall be chosen by the Board of Aldermen solely on the basis of his executive and administrative qualifications with special reference to his actual experience in, or his knowledge of, accepted practice in respect to the duties of his office as hereinafter outlined. At the time of his appointment he need not be a resident of the Town or State, but during his tenure of office he shall reside within the Town. No person elected to membership on the Board of Aldermen shall, subsequent to such election, be eligible for appointment as Town manager until one year has elapsed following the expiration of the term for which he was elected. The Town manager shall serve at the pleasure of the Board of Aldermen and he shall receive such compensation as the Board shall fix by ordinance. In case of the absence or disability of the manager, the Board may designate a qualified administrative officer of the Town to perform the duties of the manager during such absence or disability.
The Town manager shall be responsible to the Board of Aldermen for the proper administration of all affairs of the Town. As chief administrator, the manager shall have the power to appoint and remove all officers and employees in the administrative service of the Town, except the Town attorney, auditor, clerk and treasurer, who shall be appointed by and responsible to the Board of Aldermen and subject to removal by the Board of Aldermen. It shall be the duty of the Town manager to act as director of finance and purchasing agent; to supervise the administration of the affairs of the Town; to see that the ordinances, resolutions and regulations of the Board of Aldermen and the laws of the State are faithfully executed; to make such recommendations to the Board of Aldermen concerning the affairs of the Town as he shall deem expedient; to keep the Board of Aldermen advised of the financial condition and the future financial needs of the Town; attend all meetings of the Board of Aldermen and prepare and submit to the Board of Aldermen such reports as he may deem expedient or as may be required of him by the Board of Aldermen; to perform all other duties as may be required by the Board of Aldermen.
(Session Laws 1959, Ch. 2, Sec. 1)
Amendment Note: Section 2-4 was added to the Charter by Chapter 2 of the 1959 Session Laws, subject to ratification, which occurred on March 24, 1959. Sections 2, 3 and 4 of the Act related to the special election for that purpose and have been omitted.
State Law Reference: Duties of the town manager, G.S. 160A-148.