This Code of Ordinances for the Town of Canton is provided by the North Carolina League of Municipalities as part of its services program. Technical staff assistance has been provided by Public Research and Management, Inc., of Atlanta, Georgia, which was responsible for the organization, codification, indexing and printing of the Code.
The Code consists of:
The Charter and all local acts which are not a part of the Charter document;
State laws which govern the organization and procedure of the municipal governing body;
these laws control where applicable unless the Charter provides otherwise; and
The Code of Ordinances, which includes citations referring to official source and date of original ordinances; those without citations represent new ordinances.
This Code is designed to serve as a complete compilation of ordinances and as a reliable reference guide. The parts, chapters and articles of the Code follow in logical order. The table of contents, the sectional analysis at the beginning of each chapter, and the indices provide sufficient points of reference for all elements of the Code.
The League offers a full range of services to supplement this Code and to keep it current. It is published in loose-leaf form so that all new ordinances may be printed for inclusion on a regular basis. A periodic update-supplement service is available from the League, secured through an agreement between the Town and the League, whereby the Town will send new ordinances and amendments to the League, which will print replacement pages for the Code. Also, the League will supplement the sections on State laws and local acts as amendments, changes or new enactments occur in the General Assembly.
We gratefully acknowledge the cooperation and assistance rendered by the Canton officials, particularly that of Mr. William Stamey and Mr. Al Matthews, in the preparation of this Code.
                     S. Leigh Wilson
                     Executive Director
                     North Carolina League of Municipalities