7-1-1: Nuisances
7-1-1-1: Definition, Prohibition
7-1-1-2: Nonsummary Abatement, Notice
7-1-1-3: Nonsummary Abatement
7-1-1-4: Summary Abatement
7-1-2: Noises Prohibited
7-1-3: Controlled Substances And Cannabis
7-1-3-1: Possession Of Cannabis
7-1-3-2: Selling, Etc., Controlled Substances, Abatement
7-1-3-3: Filing Complaint For Injunction, Procedure; Lessee To Be Party Defendant
7-1-3-4: Evidence, Hearing, Dismissal, Costs
7-1-3-5: Interrogatories, Refusal To Answer, Contempt
7-1-3-6: Judgment
7-1-3-7: Proceeds From Sale Of Property, Disposition
7-1-3-8: Prosecution For Violation Of Injunction Or Abatement Order
7-1-3-9: Release Of Premises
7-1-3-10: Fine And Costs To Be Lien Against Property
7-1-3-11: Leases, Void At Option Of Lessor
7-1-3-12: Application Of Section
7-1-3-13: Penalty
7-1-4: Drug Paraphernalia Control
7-1-4-1: Possession Of Drug Paraphernalia
7-1-4-2: Sale Or Delivery; Public Nuisance
7-1-4-3: Exempt Items, Determination
7-1-4-4: Forfeiture And Seizure Of Property
7-1-4-5: Legislative Intent, Inference Of Legitimacy
7-1-4-6: Penalty
7-1-5: Search Warrants; Code Enforcement
7-1-5-1: Issuance Of Search Warrant
7-1-5-2: Application For Search Warrant
7-1-5-3: Application To Municipal Code
7-1-6: Weeds And Tall Grass
7-1-6-1: Definition, Weeds
7-1-6-2: Enforcement Of Chapter
7-1-6-3: Notice To Abate Weeds And Litter From Lots With Occupied Structures
7-1-6-4: Notice To Abate Weeds And Litter On Vacant Lots And On Lots With Unoccupied Structures
7-1-6-5: Lien And Personal Judgment
7-1-6-6: Penalty