(A)   The owner or occupant with written permission from the owner of any lot, premises, or parcel of land within the city, who desires to  construct an earth station on the lot, premises, or land parcel, must first obtain a permit to do so from the city by and through its Building Inspector.
   (B)   The Building Inspector shall issue the permit, provided the applicant submits a written application upon forms provided and approved by the Building Inspector, along with a plot plan of the lot, premises, or land parcel attached, showing the approximate location and dimensions of the proposed earth station; a description of the kind of earth station proposed, the approximate location and dimensions of buildings or structures on the lot, premises, or land parcel; construction plans and specifications showing the elevations of the proposed earth station upon completion.  Each application shall specify among other things the name and address of the owner of the real estate, the applicant, the person who  prepared the specifications, and the person to be permitted to construct the proposed earth station.
   (C)   The applicant shall submit with each application the sum of $10 which represents the permit fee.  The Building Inspector or his designee is authorized to collect the permit fees under this chapter.  The fee shall include the costs of reviewing the construction plans, inspecting the construction, and processing the application.  The Building Inspector is authorized to issue a building permit under this chapter for those applications approved by the Building Inspector.
   (D)   Upon issuance of a permit by the Building Inspector, the applicant shall be provided an adhesive sticker or similar device which shall be attached to the installation in a visible location.  This sticker shall identify the date of issuance of a permit and the name of the party to whom it was issued.
(Ord. 99-85, passed 11-25-85)