§ 100.09  PERMITS.
   The following procedure shall apply to the granting of permits to operate in exception to the regulations set forth herein:
   (A)   Application for a permit shall be made to the Fire Chief on the forms provided and accompanied by the fee the Fire Chief and timely notice of approval or denial shall be given to the applicant.  A single permit shall be granted to a transporter (carrier, trucking company, and the like) for the hazardous materials identified in § 100.05.
   (B)   Permits denied by the Fire Chief shall be subject to review by a hearing before the Director of Public Safety on approval by the applicant made to the Director within 30 days of the receipt of notice of denial.
   (C)   Permits will be granted only where the following criteria are met as determined by the Fire Chief:
      (1)   Compelling need is shown, that is, the applicant must show that delivery or pickup of the hazardous materials can be made only by entering the city limits.
      (2)   Transportation of the hazardous materials is in the public interest.
   (D)   Permits issued shall set forth conditions such as routes and other special precautions as determined by the Fire Chief.
   (E)   Permits shall be granted for a period of one year and be automatically renewed upon application unless revoked for cause after a hearing before the Director of Public Safety.
   (F)   Permits shall be revocable and nontransferable.
(Ord. 53-93, passed 9-27-93)