(A)   Any person, firm, or corporation who desires to collect rubbish, garbage, or night soil in the city shall first obtain a license to do so.
   (B)   All licenses shall be issued on or before July 1, of each year.  Such license shall be issued by the Mayor upon proof of prior compliance with the Police Department safety check and approval from the Health Commissioner and upon the payment of $50 per year for one truck, with an additional fee of $50 per truck, provided however, that for present holders of licenses for garbage, rubbish, or night soil, such licenses shall remain in full force and effect until July 1, 1983 upon the additional payment of $25.
   (C)   Upon the issuance of a license, the collector shall receive a sticker for each truck.  These stickers shall be posted on the upper left corner window on the driver's side.
   (D)   Before the Mayor issues a license for collecting rubbish, garbage, or night soil, the applicant shall first file an application for such license stating his name, age, street address, make, and tonnage of truck or vehicle and style of body. No license shall be issued for the carrying of garbage or night soil in any conveyance except such conveyance as meets the requirements of this chapter.  Such application shall be approved by the city Health Commissioner.
(`63 Code, § 931.07)  (Ord. 22-80, passed 3-24-80; Am. Ord. 39-82, passed 4-12-82) Penalty, see § 94.99