(A)   No monuments or markers of any kind may be erected upon any lot before it is fully paid.
   (B)   The city is not responsible for damages to headstones, vases, monuments, or mausoleums resulting from ordinary hazards of cemetery work, vandalism, or natural causes.
   (C)   The city reserves the right to establish limitations on monuments or memorials in individuals' section of the cemetery.
   (D)   Each monument or grave marker must rest on a foundation constructed by the cemetery and paid for by the lot owner. Depth depends on size of monument.
   (E)   All foot markers shall be flushed with ground level.
   (F)   No headstones may be brought into the cemetery on Saturdays, Sundays or general holidays and no promise shall be made after May 15 to have foundations in for Memorial Day. The charge for foundations shall be paid in advance.
   (G)   Only foot markers shall be allowed on single grave lots.
   (H)   All headstones must be put in the center of lots; any deviation of this must be with permission from the appropriate city official.
   (I)   No monument may be erected in Northwood Cemetery between the time fall rains come on and the ground becomes soft and until the ground becomes thoroughly settled in the spring except by permission of the appropriate city official.
(Ord. 36-82, passed 5-10-82; Am. Ord. 94-86, passed 12-8-86) Penalty, see § 91.99